Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet Tim, The Ever Reliable Altima

Or should I say un-reliable…

Today, I went shopping with two of my best friends at the mall. It was nearly nine at night when we left, and as I went to start dear old Tim I knew immediately something was wrong. Tim was dead.

After being denied by a few people (and watching the parking lot get more and more abandoned), we made friends with a nice guy who worked at a rental car company who agreed to help us.

After about ten minutes of Tim uselessly sputtering, we were on our way. Ever thankful for the nice rental car guy.

I wish the story ended here, but no. Timmy wouldn’t have that. After going into the Halloween store and looking at costumes, Tim was once again lifeless.

This time though, we were completely alone. We walked to the nearest store and after being rejected again, found another nice gentleman, who had just gotten off work at Petsmart, that was willing to aide us three damsels in distress.

I also discovered Tim had a spare tire in the trunk! Yeah.. I didn’t know cars had spare tires stored in them. Who said you didn’t learn something new every day?

Now, today isn’t the first occasion on which Tim has so conveniently conked out on me. Back in June, I was at Ross with the same friend looking around for some cute dresses to try and cover my always expanding belly. Coming out of the store at closing time I went to turn my car on and… Can you guess?


As the both of us sat there freaking out (neither of us knowing anything about cars or how to fix them), a couple got into the car next to ours and drove away. At this time of night, there was only one other car in the parking lot and the other lots surrounding it. We waited for a few minutes until the couple came outside and asked if they could help us jump start our car and if they happened to have jumper cables, which I had never thought about carrying in the trunk.
The man’s girlfriend looked at us with a grimace and got into the passenger side of their truck, folding her arms over her chest. They, luckily, had cables and very rudely resuscitated Timmy.

Needless to say, I got a brand spankin’ new set of jumper cables for my birthday that next week.

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Rachel said...

Ha ha! I have had that happen before! One time a guy said he didn't have time to help me jump my car--it was late at night and I was all alone. Really?? What a jerk! Love your writing! Keep it up!